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We’re pleased you dropped by! If you want the best impartial and valuable gambling advice, tips and reviews you are in the right place. Established by 5 gambling experts with a wide range of skills and many years of experience, this is your go-to resource when it comes to online slots, casino, live casino action and all forms of sports betting.

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What is EuroGambler.org?

The 5 chaps behind this online gaming and sports betting site first came together to create an impartial resource. They have formed a particular focus on sports betting since the site was founded in October 2013 after finding any existing resources to be biased or sadly lacking.

Their years of combined gambling and playing experience have been used to offer the best advice, reviews and news to fellow online players. EuroGambler.org strives to become the go to resource for anyone from those looking to get into sports betting and online gaming to seasoned pros. Their key focus is to provide an up to date and extensively researched resource which they would be happy to use if they were looking to place bets or play casino games online.

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Who’s behind EuroGambler.org?

EuroGambler.org is the collective brainchild of 5 diehard gambling fans from across Europe. After first meeting via online sports betting forums, we began to meet up at various conventions and conferences over several years. We had first had the idea for the site after struggling to find a suitably impartial sports betting and online casino review website.

So EuroGambler.org was born after a few beers at a meetup back in 2013 when the 5 of us decided to put our collective knowledge to good use. So who are we?

Zvonko ‘Zov’ Stanić is originally from Croatia, now lives in Estonia and has a real passion for sports betting online. He’s at his happiest when up to his eyeballs in football stats and spreadsheets. An expert in analysis and prediction, Zvonko is a true sports betting geek in the best way possible.

Placido ‘PB’ Baresi is our Italian stallion who has a fine eye for the details and the ladies too. Living just outside Rome he’s been to almost every Lazio home game ever played and loves a spot of touch Rugby in his spare time too.

Stefan ‘Stef’ Gersten is our casino wizard from Germany with a deep passion for online casino gaming. What he doesn’t know about slot games isn’t worth knowing. He’ll be able to sniff out a big win from the other side of Europe. A true asset to the team.

Villiam ‘Vil’ Holmberg is our international sports guy from Sweden. He loves getting involved with NFL picks and tennis predictions in particular but has a wide range of knowledge and background on all major global sports bets.

Edward ‘Ed’ Olsson is our second guy from the Swedish contingent who adds his amazing odds and prediction skills. He’s a master when it comes to monitoring betting on any event and predicting how last minute bets will go. Invaluable stuff.

We hope you enjoy using this site.