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A Little Casino History

It is accepted that gambling houses have been present in most societies for a very long period of time.

The first establishment, similar to what we would now describe as a casino, opened in Venice around 1638 known as Casino di Venezia.

It is interesting to note that this casino is still up and running.

Other countries followed, and this activity turned into the industry which has become the huge network which we know and love today.

The history of online casinos is considered to have started back during the year 1990, but only in the last ten years has playing for real money in online casinos grown to such popularity.

Casino operators and businesses alike understood the potential benefits of gambling online fairly quickly.

So, with this in mind, instead of building huge land based structures, they instead created online spaces where people could play and enjoy the same experiences but from the comfort of their home.

Online casinos have evolved massively in the past few years.

They now incorporate all the latest games and Video Slots, as well as offering up some classic casino action.

It’s now possible to play the type of games which first kicked off the founding of casinos all those years ago.

Take a look at the highly informative and helpful for example, to see how a classic casino card games are getting a new lease of life in the online casino environment.

Equally you can play Craps in comfort via an online casino too, you can find the best ones at

casino player with cards and tablet

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino can be described as a website where people can play, or place bets, on a number of casino games.

The common thing amongst online casinos is that they always consist of a website, different games and a register where you can deposit and withdraw money.

An online casino can only operate once a license is issued by the Gaming Commission of a particular country.

Online casinos sometimes allow players to play for free, with the hope that eventually they will decide to play for real money.

The number of online casinos is huge, and we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming, so we want to do our best to help you.

If you need help with finding the best casino on the market we invite you to read our guide which is full of tips and useful information.

Online casinos offer traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Slot machines, Live Poker and various others.

The majority of casinos choose to offer games from different game providers, although there are some that stick to one provider.

Some of the most popular game providers are NetEnt and Microgaming.

At most casinos, you can either download their software to play games, or play the Flash versions directly from your web browser.

We tend to believe that to download is usually better, as this offers a larger selection of games and the games tend to be slightly faster.

What to look for in an online casino?

There are several aspects to be found at a good online casino which you should look for before opening an account with a particular site.

Indeed, you should ensure that the website is functional and has a user-friendly design and that it is a place where you’d be able to find all the games, or indeed, whatever you’re looking for with relative ease.

casino online chips

Something else to look for in an online casino, is that it offers good games, as well as a good, large selection of those games.

Also, we suggest that you check that the site has a decent number of deposit options and that payouts are quick and easy.

Are online casinos safe?

People who do not have much experience in online gambling often question whether it is safe to play at online casinos.

Some people are still afraid of shopping or making any transaction online.

Like any other online business, there are safe and legitimate online casinos and there are other sites that make money by ripping people off.

The truth is that the majority of online casinos in this day and age are totally safe and secure.

It is very important to check that the online casino you choose to play at has a license which is issued by a country that is part of the European Union.

The licenses which are issued are put in place to protect the player.

Nowadays as a player, you will have rights and when these are violated, the MGA (the licensing body in Malta) or wherever else the licence has been issued from, will act immediately against the license holder in question.

What makes a casino safe?

A safe online casino is any online casino that does fair business with its customers.

Both protecting a customer’s personal and financial information and processing deposits and withdrawals in a timely manner.

It’s also good to check that they’ve been tested and certified by a third-party auditor.

These auditors test the mathematics and software which the casino runs on and certifies that it is fair.

One of the best things to do to learn more about an online casino is read reviews and other material written by people who play on the site.

Also note, that the safest online casinos display the licenses they hold.

Something else you should check out is whether the casino has SLL encryption enabled on the website.

This function means that all personal information is encrypted and handled safely.

Benefits of playing at an online casino

There are a number of benefits to playing at an online casino as opposed to playing at a traditional land-based casino.

Many believe that playing at an online casino is cheaper, as you don’t have to travel or pay for drinks and other expensive consumptions.

Another plus is that an online casino is open around the clock.

Also, you get more worth for your money at an online casino as the overheads of an online casino are much less than those of a land-based casino.

A big advantage of playing online, is the fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home, or indeed any other location you choose.

Here you won’t be bothered by other casino visitors, or random rules set by fussy casino owners which you have to follow.

When you are gambling online, you are making a serious financial commitment and as such, you should always understand the risks before you start to play.

It is very important that you understand the rules of the game which you are planning to play before you start to play for real money.

Gambling online is very entertaining and as long as you keep in mind to gamble responsibly, it will remain a wonderful form of entertainment which you can turn to again and again.

Of course, two of the biggest benefits of choosing an online casino over a land-based establishment are the awesome selections of top-quality games available AND the amazing Casino Bonuses available!

Outlined below you will find information on a selection of those.

Online Casino Games: What games can you find online?

Gambling card games and Live Blackjack, Video Slots and Roulette, are all available at the click of a mouse. Whether you want to sit in the comfort of your own home, or grab a quick spin at the train station the digital revolution has brought the whole gamut of casino games to whichever device you carry and wherever you roam.

So, if you fancy a little flutter while you are on the go, then the option is there. Here are some of the types of casino games available and how you can play them.

Blackjack Card Games on Demand

The Blackjack card game has long been a staple and favourite of players all around the world. It’s perhaps little wonder that the game has made it to the digital world with very little change from the real-world experience.

The format is identical and play takes place on a single table with cards issued as they would be by a live dealer. Betting can be made simply and securely.

All the regular options of a Blackjack game are there, whether you want to hit, stand or double down. While virtual chips denote your available cash, which can be placed on the table just as in a physical casino. This combined with superb graphics can give the sense that you are in a physical casino and offers a more authentic experience.

Taking Roulette for a Spin

Another old favourite is Roulette. Simple and spectacular. This game, like blackjack, translates well to the online world. The experience differs slightly between mobile devices and desktop computers in terms of what you can see on screen at any one time. Mobiles won’t normally show the table and wheel at the same time.

Again the format is familiar and easy to follow even if you’re new to the game. Betting occurs at the start of a round. You can choose from the standard range of chips and place them in the betting box of your choice. Then comes the best bit! Hit spin and watch the wheel fly into a blur before seeing the numbers slowly come into focus. The ball skipping from black to red until finally landing on…

Just as exciting as the real thing. There are a few versions of the online game, including Live; European; French; American or Immersive formats. So pick your favourite and try them out.

Ever so Popular Slots

Now Slots can probably claim the title for one of the earliest games to be converted from the real world to an online environment. The variety of Slots is outstanding, whilst the graphics and design can contain some of the most creative images on the web.

Slots also translate very well to small-screen devices mobiles. The limited number of moving parts, varying from 3 to 5 slots, has meant that, unlike blackjack, there is usually no need to lose sight of the game itself to show the rest of the table.

The layout is clever, often in three parts with the backdrop, reels and spin button. If you’re on a mobile or tablet there may also be a settings button. Options can include changing the number of reels; adjusting your stake per line and an option to activate or deactivate the auto spin.

Slots are perhaps the most visually pleasing of all the online casino games. The great animations and wonderful design of the reel icons, along with the often hypnotic soundtrack, really create a great atmosphere.

The Mobile App Casino

Mobile App Casinos are an excellent way to expand the number of high quality games at your fingertips. Whilst the web browser versions are great, the computing power of modern smartphones and tablets means that more games with better graphics can be packed into a mobile app.

One advantage is that by using an app there is less chance of play being interrupted by an intermittent Wi-Fi or mobile signal.

Both the iOS and Android platforms are way out in front of the competition in terms of the range of gaming apps available.

However, The great thing about is you choose to use a Windows Phone, is that whatever app you can run on your PC will also run on your phone. This means that you can get the full experience, when using the downloadable casino and often get more games than on the casino website. It also means that you can access a website just as easily as on your PC, without the need for a special mobile friendly version being available

Something a bit different: Live Dealer Games

It may sound like a contradiction in terms but believe it or not, not all online gaming is automated and run by software. Welcome to Live Dealer Games.

Here a real dealer is broadcast to the players via video link. Play is more or less the same as with the automated systems, however players may talk directly to the dealer, usually through a chat box.

The results of the game are picked up by first class software, so whether you’re playing cards or roulette, this live experience brings the player one step closer to the authentic experience.

Although popular with players, there remain a limited number of live games available. The additional costs for staff, studio and cameraman can mean that this is an expensive exercise.

However, the number of live games is on the rise and this is a great experience that brings the player right into the game.

Casinos Bonuses

There are some pretty beneficial Bonuses to be gathered from online casinos!

Before you’ve even played, you’ll find them tempting you in with numerous all singing, all dancing, and potentially all winning bonuses!

It’s easy to see why players get so excited about finding a really good one and 2018 is set to take the world of online gaming by storm!

With heavily laden online casinos being launched every day, new players, moving in their droves, are going to sign up and enjoy some stress free fun, and, all from the comfort of home too!

It’s never been a better time to sign up and get your online casino playing journey started!

There are brand spanking new online casinos opening up their metaphysical doors every day.

And, many of those offer up some succulent and profitable Welcome Bonuses and Promotions with which to lure you in and show you what an amazing time they can offer you if you choose to play at their site.

For an outline of the most popular Online Casino Bonuses, please read on below.

UK Online Casinos – No Deposit Bonus:

One of the most heavily sought-after Bonuses going is the No Deposit Bonus.

But what IS a No Deposit Bonus?

Well, as its name suggests, it’s a Bonus which you get hold of without having to deposit any of your own cash.

No Deposit Bonuses are given out most commonly as the 1st part of a Welcome Bonus.

The No Deposit Bonus is gifted to you as a reward – Just for signing up and registering your account at their site. A No Deposit Bonus can be a range of things.

Sometimes it’s a fairly humble sum of Bonus Cash, to spend on playing games at their site, or it could take the form of Free Spins, usually to use on a selection of games chosen by the casino.

Though rarer, these Bonuses are also sometimes granted for different reasons and can take various other forms.

The 1st Deposit Bonus
The 1st Deposit Bonus, again as the name suggests, is a bonus given to a player as soon as they’ve made their 1st deposit. Often the first or second part of a Welcome Bonus package. They most commonly consist of a 100% Cash Match Bonus up to a certain amount stated by the casino, as well as a number of Free Spins.

The Welcome Bonus:
A complete Welcome Bonus could be one 1st Deposit Bonus, or it could include a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Deposit Bonus too. As with the 1s Deposit Bonus, these are also usually a combination of Free Spins and Cash Match Bonuses.

The Daily Bonus:
Particularly generous online casinos even offer Daily Bonuses. Though generally a little more humble than other casino bonuses, these are fairly easy to get hold of. Only requiring a player to make a minimum deposit for the player to be eligible to receive them.

The Reload Bonus:
Reload Bonuses are put on by those clever people at online casinos who want to tempt players into coming back by rewarding them for making a new deposit and playing at their site after an absence. Their hope is that these players will then carry on playing with them after that point.

There are obviously all sorts of other casino bonuses available. Bonuses and Promotions after all, are only limited by the imaginations and creative leanings of the people at the online casinos who have to think them up and then bring them into existence.

The few we’ve outlined here are just a handful of the most commonly offered and as such, the most important for you to be aware of.