Welcome bonuses and online casinos are often mentioned in the same sentence but what does it really mean and how much should you expect to get from this specific bonus? If you are asking these questions you are on the right track because there are many different types of welcome bonuses that offer you many different ways to get bonus money.

One casino will offer you €5 bonus cash and a different casino will offer you €100 bonus cash. Then you get insane offers like the Titan Casino Deposit Bonus that offers you an unbelievable €5000 bonus cash and after you’ve taken advantage of this welcome bonus, you will be offered a total of €1200 bonus money that is spread over 6 months. Now, you shouldn’t compare such a deal to others because this promotion is one of a kind.


First Deposit:
50% match bonus for €20 – €29

Second Deposit:
100% match bonus for €30 – €199

Third Deposit:
125% match bonus for €200 – €999, up to €500

Fourth Deposit:
50% match bonus for €1000, up to €5000

And, this is not where it stops. After this welcome bonus, you are offered a 100% match bonus up to €200 for your first deposit made each month for 6 months. This means that you can get €1200 bonus money. So, if you take full advantage of this offer you will pocket a total of €6200 bonus money which is insane.



It is best to understand a deposit bonus in depth so that you can play with confidence. When you start your online casino journey you will be offered a sign-up bonus or a no deposit bonus. This is when the online casino will give you bonus money to play with without requiring any deposit.

These offers are great but you will usually get around €5 bonus money or 5 bonus spins so it will most definitely not make you a millionaire. It is a great way to test an online casino or game but after you’ve played through you’re money, you will need to make a deposit to bring home the big bucks.

A deposit bonus is offered when you make your first deposit. It is also referred to as a welcome bonus and is usually offered in the form of a match bonus. It sounds more complicated that it really is.

A match bonus is when a casino will match a percentage of your deposit amount up to a maximum amount. So, if it is a 100% match bonus up to €200 and you make a €100 deposit, you will receive €100 bonus cash.

The Titan Casino Deposit Bonus offers you four-match bonuses and the maximum amounts that they match are unbelievable. You will easily be able to fatten your bankroll and the fatter your bankroll is, the more play-time you will have. And, more play time means more chances to win.


The other great thing about this promotion is that the wagering requirements are very reasonable at x20 or x25. Usually, big deposit bonuses are subject to unrealistic wagering requirements that make it impossible to withdraw your winnings.

Wagering requirements are when you will need to play through some of your own money before you will be able to withdraw winnings made form bonus money. It is usually between x30 – x80, which just shows you how unbelievable the Titan Casino Deposit Bonus actually is.


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